Our Mission

We're starting Rescue Pizza with a three-part mission: Make damn good pizza. Create great jobs. Feed neighbors in need.

Make damn good pizza

Frozen pizzas get a bad rap. They're usually full of artificial preservatives and just don't taste that great.

We believe with enough attention and love (and maybe some liquid nitrogen), we can make a damn good frozen pizza that you'll be proud to put on the dinner table.

Especially knowing you're helping us create great jobs and feed neighbors in need along the way. 

Create great jobs

Right now, it's just two people, working on Rescue Pizza out of love (i.e. for free). But our business plan is built around a commitment to creating great jobs that pay a livable wage. Ideally, a lot of them, since handmade pizza requires a lot of hands. 

Are we getting ahead of ourselves by committing to creating great jobs before we've hired a single employee? Possibly. But if we can't run this business with well-paid workers, we don't want to do it. Creating great jobs is kind of the point.

Feed neighbors in need

For every Rescue Pizza sold, we'll donate a serving to someone in need through partnerships with local non-profits. (One serving equals one half of a standard 10-inch Rescue Pizza.)

Know of a great organization that would love to serve fresh pizzas to their community members? Drop us a line at hello@rescue.pizza so we can get in touch.